Fullygo, hangover care, Alcohor problem cure, liver heatlh

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Packing forms: 3 bags / box

Made in Korea


Fullygo (Hangover cure)

Lots of people are suffering from hangover problem after drinking alcohol heavily. Fullygo is the best solution for this kind of problem thanks to its natural extract composition from vegetable and fruits. It also protects liver of drinking people.

Composition(Vegetable & Fruit Extract):

(Persimmon, Citrus, Vine, Mugwort, Bean sprouts, Arrowroot, Dropwort, etc)

- Antioxidants

- Biofiber

- Bioflavonoids

- Chlorophyll

- Polyphenols

- Minerals

- Vitamins


Take one sachet with water, before(recommend) or after drinking.

The powder dissolves in water very easily.

Main Functions

1) Considerably reduces the strength of alcohol effect in a short time.

2) Relieves general fatigue, vomiting and headache.

3) Remarkable in liver protection effect.(Reduces the value of GOT, GPT, -GTP.)

4) Safe as a nontoxic bio-material.

5) Suppresses the absorption of fat taken in the body.