Tinh Chất Nghệ Mùa Xuân và Nấm Agaricus

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Manufacturer: Kanehide Bio Co.LTD

Dosage form: Tablets

Packing: Box of 1300 tablets

The combination of Okinawa natural botanical extracts and Agaricus mushroom extract is ideal for boosting the body's immune system, supporting the treatment of metabolic diseases, and can be used in combination with The treatment of cancer especially stomach cancer, colorectal.


Mechanism of action:

Okinawan natural spring essence:

Spring essence extract for pure essential oils as well as high mineral content (phosphorus, iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium), and curcumin. This pure essential oil has been shown to have a strong antimicrobial effect, especially in the protection of the stomach, in cases of gastric adenocarcinoma, Helicobacter pylori infection (Hp). It also has powerful antioxidant activity, which protects the cells from oxidative stress, which is good for liver cells, brain cells, and blood vessels. Studies show that Curcumin has powerful anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory effects, which kill cancer cells by the mechanism of cell death.

Agaricus extract:

Agaricus mushrooms have been shown to have anti-cancer effects, enhance the immune system, work well on metabolic diseases such as hypoglycemia in diabetic patients, hypotensive effect. Beta-glucan component is extracted from Agaricus, belonging to the polysaccharide group. Clinical studies have shown that beta-glucan compounds are capable of activating immune system cells, which are macrophages to ensure optimal cellular performance. Activation of macrophages also leads to increased levels of cytokines. These are important proteins responsible for catalyzing and regulating the body's immune response. In addition, macrophages also interact with T-lymphocytes, which trigger specific immune responses. Thus, when activated macrophages are activated, these specific reactions are also enhanced. At the same time, the beta glucan component also helps to rapidly increase the number of NK cells (natural killer cells) that are capable of detecting and destroying abnormal cells. body like cancer cells. There is also research showing that the Agaricus ear buds extract is composed of compounds belonging to the polyphenolic group, which have powerful antioxidant effects, which help protect cells, DNA from damage, Modified by oxidative agents, it also contributes to reducing cancer incidence.


Strengthen the immune system, the body's resistance, help prevent disease.

Prevention and support cancer treatment, especially stomach cancer, colorectal.

Support for treatment of metabolic diseases such as diabetes, obesity ...

User manual:

Children 3 years and over: 10 capsules daily (morning-evening)

Adults: 15-20 tablets / day (morning-evening)

Patients treated for cancer: 30 capsules / day (morning-evening)

Drink with warm water. Drink before or after eating.


The product is not a drug, no alternative medicine.

Product performance depends on the user.

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