CS Power Vitamins and Minerals Supplement

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Manufactured by: CSC Co.LTD

Dosage form: Powder

Packing: 220g/bags


CS Power provides a full range of energy, vitamins, and micronutrients to the body in a sensible way, enhancing digestive tract absorption, restoring vitality, controlling body weight to help bring body is strong. Products designed for people need to adjust weight. With advanced technology imported from Japan and Germany, "Nutritional supplements containing Spirulina algae" also known as Algae powder is supplemented with milk protein, soy lecithin, skim milk powder. These are ingredients that support not only the taste of the product but also help the user can adjust his weight in a healthy way.


Supplements supplements, helps to supplement vitamins, minerals and nutrition for the body.

Used for weak, depressed or appetite eaters, adults play many sports.

Enhances digestive absorption.

Helps restore vitality, control the weight of the body to help strengthen the body.

User manual:

Mix 22g of powder with a small packet in 250ml of boiled water to cool at 45-50 ° C and then boil until the powder is completely dissolved.

Can be taken immediately or cooled Use pre-meal meals for those who need to stabilize weight

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