Wine award by tea Fullygo alcohol solution of CS Vietnam is safe and effective quickly

Everyone knows that the liver is very important to the body, but how important is it, if the liver is affected, how will the health be affected? Let's learn with Vietnam CS.


The liver - The most important part of the body

The liver controls and processes most of the chemical substances in the blood and secretes bile. Bile helps break down fat molecules, preparing them for digestion and absorption at a later stage. All blood leaving the stomach and intestines passes through the liver. The liver processes this blood and breaks down the molecules, balancing and creating nutrients for the body to use. It also converts blood medications into easier-to-use forms for the body.

Therefore, the liver is determined to have many important functions. Liver disease is often found in people who drink beer or alcohol. Liver disease even appears quickly after only a short time of drinking alcohol, beer with high intensity. And most importantly, when starting to research in Vietnam, CS Vietnam found that liver disease mostly stemmed from alcohol.


Plant enzyme in Fullygo - Product imported from CS Vietnam Many plant chemicals are contained in Fullygo, which stimulates the secretion of ALDH, which helps detoxify acetaldehyde. These phytochemicals are extracted from natural fruits and vegetables. It also contains a lot of enzymes because it is extracted after fermentation by microorganisms. Biosense's plant-based chemicals are recognized as a health food material, they also have antioxidant capabilities because it contains a lot of bioflavonoids.

Fullygo's patented technology


The materials to create Fullygo products are carefully selected and trusted

CS Vietnam is always looking for products of natural origin, and this product is no exception. The ingredients for Fullygo products are all natural ingredients, fermented by microorganisms to increase the absorption and safety of the product.


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