Prosam - a new horizon of fresh ginseng for the Vietnamese

 The 6-year-old ginseng root is no stranger to many people, but Prosam is a fresh ginseng plant, with a Saponin content 5 times higher than a 6-year-old ginseng, Prosam opens a new horizon for Vietnamese people to use ginseng.

 Prosam - a fresh ginseng plant that eats the body, leaves and roots

Instead of just using ginseng as before, PRosam we eat the stem, leaves and roots. And more noticeably, the Saponin content in the leaves and stems was significantly higher than the roots. Calculating the total content of Saponin on the weight of the plant, Prosam is 5 times higher than that of 6-year-old ginseng.

How to use Prosam in everyday life

Prosam has been counted as a fresh plant and we can completely use it every day with normal dishes such as raw food, vegetable soup, nutritious chao or wine soaking. Prosam, when eaten raw, has the natural bitterness and aroma of ginseng, but when cooked or steeped in tea, it has a sweet taste and is much easier to use.

So Prosam can be preserved for how long and how to preserve it

Prosam is a fresh plant and like other vegetables, Prosam will be well preserved in the refrigerator. When properly preserved, Prosam will keep 30 days fresh in the refrigerator, but it is best used in the first 15 days. Prosam's tubers can also be stored in the freezer for longer term use.

Speaking of ginseng, everyone knows it enhances overall health, but the use that most of Prosam's customers respond well is to support insomnia and reduce stress. Older women should turn Prosam into tea for daily use to have deep sleep, thereby improving their health.

The second use that Saponin in Prosam brings is to detoxify the liver for people who regularly use alcohol. A glass of Prosam tea or eating a Prosam tree raw after the party will ensure that the liver and kidneys will not be affected too much. Prosam can also be the raw material for wine immersion for you to become a more nutritious wine and less affect to your health.

The patient can cook porridge, soup stew to nourish and recover quickly.

Let's add Prosam to your family's daily meals so that the whole family is protected.


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