Korean red ginseng 6 years old is really good

 Korean red ginseng 6 years old is being sought and trusted by many people. Some people buy processed ginseng into bags and use immediately, others find fresh ginseng to buy and use at a much higher price. Because of the general mentality of Vietnamese people, what is fresh is better. However, because we are Vietnamese, we do not understand clearly, let's listen to the information when Koreans use ginseng.

 What does 6 year old Korean ginseng mean?

According to the process of growing ginseng in Korea, the value of ginseng root depends on the saponin content in it. And to have the highest saponin content in the ginseng root, ginseng root will be kept for 6 years, at this time the saponin content will increase many times compared to the old ginseng root, which means that the 6 year old ginseng is much better for the health of children. people

But many do not know that 6-year-old Korean ginseng is not only beneficial?

Although the high saponin content means it is better for human health, however, most Koreans understand that due to the time taken for so long, saponins present in 6-year-old ginseng are not only beneficial. In contrast, the harmful saponin content is extremely high, if ingested, the body immediately vomiting, allergic or may be worse

So why is 6 years old red ginseng still famous in Korea

Simply put, Koreans completely know how to handle and process harmful saponins completely, or they will buy processed Korean ginseng products in bags to ensure 100% safety for health.
The way they treat the root ginseng is to dry it in the sun, then cook it, then dry it again until the root is red again, this number of times of drying and cooking can be up to 9 times to ensure no harmful saponins. Because of this process, the ginseng turns red, so that Korean ginseng has been called "Red Ginseng".
Imported Korean red ginseng is also available in many places in Vietnam, if you are sure that you can handle 6-year-old fresh ginseng, look for fresh tubers, on the contrary, choose processed products. import through official channels to ensure your health!
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