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 Natural cosmetic ingredients are one of the ingredients that create great confidence for customers and make sure that this source is always the search for cosmetic factories. Ginseng cream has for a while gained customers 'trust by its effective use on customers' skin. So how does Prosam differ from traditional ginseng and why is it one of the best sources of cosmetic ingredients in the future?


In terms of production for the cosmetic business, Prosam gives a higher economic value

At the same weight, Prosam has a Saponin content 5 times that of a 6-year-old ginseng. This means that using a lower amount of ginseng results in a higher yield. And at the same volume, the price of Prosam is still lower than that of conventional ginseng.

Prosam's supply is stable and clear

Farmed in Vietnam in smart farm module with only 20-30 days farming time. Prosam is a full source, stable and has a clearer origin than importing ginseng root from Korea. And you should also understand that Prosam's ginseng is also Korean, so it will not be possible to grow under normal conditions in Vietnam, so it can only be grown in the Smart Farm Modulus that controls all nutrients. commitment to no pesticides, no chemical fertilizers ...

About the use of Saponin in Prosam ginseng on the skin of customers

Saponins are the most important and valuable ingredient in Prosam products. In addition to using saponin in food is good for human health. Then Saponin can be used for skin whitening and natural beauty. Therefore, all cosmetic products produced with ginseng essence are highly sought after by women because of their practical uses on the skin of the customer.

The value of products containing ginseng essence will be raised

From the actual value of the content, composition. Prosam promises to be one of the high quality cosmetic raw materials in the near future of cosmetic factories in Vietnam. Do not forget to contact us to participate in the exhibition of Prosam growing technology in Farm Modulus to be able to see and select your ingredients directly. Call now: 0394117678 for advice

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