Drink water properly every day with Hydrogen NanoBubble

Surely everyone has heard about drinking 2 liters of water a day and just drinking 2 liters a day is good. However, how to drink water to ensure the best health is still many people do not know. With Hydrogen Nanobble notes notes to remember when drinking water.

Time to drink water

Drinking time during the day is extremely important, because sometimes we do not care much about drinking time. Then just remember briefly for Hydrogen NanoBubble:

-         Drink 1 cup of 250ml after waking up

-         Drink 1 cup of water between meals: that is, between morning and noon, between noon and afternoon

-         Drink 1 cup 30 minutes before each meal

You don't have to drink as much water as possible

Many people still think that if it is good, we should try to drink a lot and eat a lot. But really, every food that gets into the body is best when it is enough. That means not lacking and certainly not redundant. Anything excess also affects health.

Drinking water is the same, drinking too much water more than 2 liters per day can cause organs in the body to continuously filter and discharge water. This is not really good either.

Warm water is much better than cold water

The extreme cold of the water has the ability to affect certain activities in the body such as affecting the enzymes, or affecting the microflora and making them not function properly.

Ice also reduces the circulation of many substances in the body. Then we should also be limited! Or just drink at a cool temperature and practice gradually to drink warm water. You just try it, after 1 month without using cold water, your body will be completely different. 

Do not forget to choose the source of water for the body is also extremely important, and Hydrogen NanoBubble is also an option in addition to providing water for the body, Hydrogen NanoBubble also solves harmful radicals just by replacing. 500ml of ordinary water becomes Hydrogen NanoBubble water.

Let your body feel the change in your health from the right way to drink water.




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