CS Group - Technology consulting, consulting on importing and manufacturing high quality products

 In the context that many distributors have a headache because they cannot find a quality product to sell peace of mind. For example, you are a company looking for high quality products, or you are an established person who is looking for quality products but do not know where to look, or you already have. existing customers and want to find a new unit to process under their own brand. Well then, CS Group will solve for you

 1. Why do we do this?

With more than 5 years of experience working with Japanese, Korean, and German partners, we are the unit with fastest access to new technology products for high efficiency. At the same time, the official import paper services, product announcement, advertising announcement, we can do the fastest and we do not have to let our partners worry about product quality as well as paper documents. flyers and laws in Vietnam when we distribute them.

2. Why is CS Group?

To give customers a quality product is not an easy story when you are not someone who can research and capture all the new research in the world.

The Cs Group is a group of researchers working together across many countries. And most of us are always the first to bring the hottest products on the market not only in terms of quality but also in sustainability.

3. CS Group's facilities are worth the trust


Not just solution consulting, technology deployment and on-demand production. CS Group equips itself with a full range of warehouses and support machines to reduce the cost of products to consumers while ensuring quality.

4. Specifically, the products that CS Group has cooperated with many units and are sustainable in the market?

We have been a co-operative for the entire Spirulina-based product range from 5 years ago, and you know, up to this stage, Spirulina is still a sought-after product in the market.

The more specialized the product is about the disease, the more we cooperate with many businesses on Fucoidan - Japanese products for cancer patients are solving many cancer cases. This is a collaborative consulting product between us and PTC company.

Not only that, CS Group continues to invite you to cooperate to fulfill its mission: Bring quality products to consumers.


Immediately call and cooperate with us: 028 38 161 769

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