The use of saponin in ginseng on the skin when used as a cosmetic ingredient

  Saponin extract from ginseng in Korea is one of the cult ingredients in cosmetics, as you know, Korea is one of the leading countries in cosmetics. And the skin of Korean girls has always been a dream for many people. Ginseng is also the country of ginseng, so let's see exactly what Saponin extract will have on the skin under the scientific basis

1. Saponin has the ability to treat acne

Under the study of resistance to acne-causing bacteria on the skin, Saponin gave anti-inflammatory results. This means that if you use ginseng extract with a high Saponin content in cleaning products in the skin care process such as facial cleansers, makeup removers, masks, and exfoliants, it will be highly effective in the Acne treatment or prevention of acne, inflammatory acne.

2. Saponin for perfect skin whitening

Korean girls always have fair skin, partly because their food is familiar with the appearance of ginseng with high Saponin content. Saponins in foods support skin health and effectively lift skin tone. Later studies have also shown, Saponin has the ability to whiten skin safely when used regularly. Since then, the addition of Ginseng extract - Saponin to products such as Serum, lotion, shower gel ... is popular in Korea.

And of course, the value of products containing ginseng is enhanced

3. Removal of freckles and melasma support

As one of the countries near the equatorial region, subject to many effects of UV rays on the skin, the market for melasma and darkening treatment products is also strongly sought. But to ensure the safety of natural extracts and absolute safety for the skin, Saponin is once again named in the treatment products.

As long as the presence of ginseng extract in cosmetics is present, the product's effectiveness will be enhanced.

And certainly Korea doesn't use expensive ginseng for the cosmetic industry either. Prosam in Korea is one of the options for high quality saponin extraction, economical and clean, safer because Prosam has 6 times more saponin content than 6 years old ginseng and cultivating time. Short term, can supply all year round.

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