Simple exercises at home

Even though the epidemic season is over and we are returning to normal life. Then the exercises are still necessary activities every day to improve their health. But in order to find out the simple and quick exercises, which can also be exercised at home without having to go out, let's learn together.

 1. Lie on your back to push

This exercise is simple but full body movement, we only need 2 sets, 15 each with breathing combinations for the first move to warm up the body.

2. Raise the glutes

Turn around and do the next move to lift your glutes. Remember to breathe evenly and the number of sets stays the same.

3. Raise your hand more for balance

Practice more arm muscles in this movement too! Swap each side in each round for both sides. We will follow the image that will make it simpler and faster.

4. Plank

Plank is quite popular and is mentioned by many people to keep their abs. This move is very difficult for beginners, but be patient because in addition to health, this move also helps us to have a very beautiful body.

5. Exercise more hip muscles

Lie sideways and practice 2 more sets for hip muscles! This move is quite gentle after we plank hard.

6. Just one more movement for the whole body

This cycling move moves the whole body for all regions. Do enough rounds together to make sure the whole body is activated.

As simple as that every morning or every night, we can also improve our health. Remember to maintain daily exercise to improve my health significantly. Wish you success CSC.


(Collected moves and photos at ifitness)


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