Quickly dissolve with the fresh fruit


Many women we have to worry about every time the drunken man comes home. Half-heartedly angry, but after all, we will have to find out what fresh fruits can help men when they are drunk.

 With CS Vietnam Lemon juice: Fresh lemon, squeeze water to drink or slice to eat. Can use salted lemon sugar to drink. Kudzu tea, lotus leaf: Kudzu 30g washed, thinly sliced ​​(or 10g cassava flower washed), lotus leaf ½ washed, chopped.


 Two things cooked with 1 liter of water, excellent 750ml, divided 2-3 times a day. Apricot juice: Use sour apricot 2 fruits, drop the seeds, chop, cook with little dried tangerine peel 10g, fragrant, spread with 500ml of water, filter the residue, get water for drinking.

Lotus root - pink apple: Lotus root 500g, pink apple (red apple) 200g. Washed lotus root chopped, pink apple washed, seeded. Two things cooked, add enough alum sugar, use to detoxify alcohol, help the body healthy, abundant vitality, ruddy chestnut skin, fresh.

 White radish: Use fresh radish, peeled, washed thoroughly, pounded or pressed for drinking. Combined with mung bean juice, it's even more effective. Radish, kumquat juice: White radish 100g, washed, chopped, pressed for water. Kumquat 5 left, washed, dropped seeds, crushed. Mix radish and kumquat juice, add honey 20g, mix with 300ml boiling water.


Split 2 times to drink. Passion fruit: Wash the passion fruit, cut in half and scrape off the lean inside, put in a clean drain, scrub and squeeze the juice. Add filtered or boiled water to cool together with a little sugar or honey (arbitrary amount), stirring to drink.

Not always in the kitchen you have enough of the above materials to apply. Besides, the fruits, tubers, and fruits are all natural, so the effect is not as good as expected ?!

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