Launching Ceremony of Genuine Fucoidan Nano on November 19, 2017 - CS Vietnam

Not only stopping at distributing products, CS Vietnam always wants to bring the most accurate and reliable scientific information to Vietnamese consumers. Recently, CS CS Vietnam held a press conference to launch new Nano Fucoidan products.


The seminar was attended by Assoc.Prof. Dr. Le Bach Mai - Former Deputy Director of National Institute of Nutrition and Mr. Tomoaki Matsuno - Representative of Kanehide Corporation Japan, which is the manufacturer of Nano Fucoidan products with the presence of the face of Vietnam's CS leadership.

 At the seminar, Dr. Le Bach Mai shared about a topic that many people are interested in today, about nutrition solutions for cancer patients. The representative of Kanehide Corporation Japan also provided everyone with complete and detailed information on Fucoidan extraction and processing technology and especially Nano Fucoidan technology.

 Fucoidan is very good for the body, especially for cancer patients. However, the body in general and cancer patients in particular is very weak, the absorption of nutrients is relatively difficult. Nano Fucoidan Extract Granule is manufactured based on Nano technology, enhances the bioavailability of the product compared to existing Fucoidan products, making it easier for patients to drink, absorb and enhance their effectiveness, even Releases only use a small amount of Nano Fucoidan. CS Vietnam is the direct import company of Nano Fucoidan.

A 2g serving contains 0.6 grams of nano Fucoidan, which is equivalent to 3 grams of regular Fucoidan. Nano capsules improve the efficiency of ingredients. With Nano capsules, ribosomes in cells can fully absorb the useful components found in superfine nano powders. As such, Fucoidan nano is an extremely suitable option, especially for patients with advanced cancer.

In addition, to avoid mistakes when choosing to buy products, Ms. Truong Minh Bich Phuong - CEO of CS Vietnam Company also pointed out the identifying characteristics of genuine Nano Fucoidan products. Genuine Nano Fucoidan products have 7-color luminescent stamps, electronic scratch stamps and secondary stamps in Vietnamese.


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