Instead of looking for ginseng root, why not fresh ginseng?

 Korean ginseng root is no stranger to Vietnamese, Vietnamese consumers will normally look for 6-year-old ginseng to buy and use. However, few people know that in Korea, the use of 6-year-old ginseng begins to be limited because they found that 6-year-old ginseng contains many substances that affect health. So why not choose fresh ginseng?

 Why are 6 years old ginseng having many harmful substances to health?

A 6-year-old red ginseng means that the ginseng is 6 years below ground so that it can have more Saponin - the best main compound in ginseng. However, Koreans always know for a long time that in parallel with good Saponins, due to staying too long underground, ginseng also accumulates many bad Saponins.

This bad saponin is only lost when we know how to cook it. Koreans often use the method of drying and cooking many times, the number of times can be up to 8-10 times to completely remove bad Saponins. Then they actually use the red ginseng root called red ginseng. At this time, Hong Sam brings many health benefits

From where comes fresh ginseng whole tree

Whole fresh ginseng began to be discovered and researched, in the end the research results were surprising. Saponins in fresh ginseng when young were 6 times higher than those in 6 years old bulbs. And more specifically, Saponin focuses more on the body and the body, not just ginseng. Starting from there, Koreans continued to protect their health with fresh ginseng that could be eaten with leaves, stems and tubers

So how about this fresh ginseng to Vietnam

Unlike ginseng root that is imported and easily traded, fresh ginseng must be eaten immediately after harvest and stored for about 30 days. Therefore, CSC is one of the consulting units of technology solutions, scientific solutions for growing Korean fresh ginseng right in Vietnam.

With a closed process and modular farming technology that controls the entire ginseng growing process, only ginseng varieties will be imported to be able to produce the freshest products in Vietnam to consumers.

It will not be too long, Fresh Ginseng named PROSAM is one of the daily foods of Vietnamese people to protect their health. It will not be long before CSC's modular technology in coordination with QHQ will be one of the investment opportunities for business units.

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