Nano Fucoidan Extract Granule - Prevent And Support Of Cancer Treatment

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Nano Fucoidan Extract Granule is a fucoidan extract derived from Mozuku seaweed, in Okinawa island, Japan (rich in fucoidan); Nano Fucoidan is manufactured by NANO technology for processing into ultra fine particles to enhance absorption and absorption of 100% through the cell wall. Fucoidan powder is the best choice for patients with cancer.

Manufacturer: Kanehide Bio Co.LTD

Dosage forms: Powder

Packing: 1 Box x 60 packs

Fucoidan content: 36 g fucoidan per box; 0.6g fucoidan / pack


Nano Fucoidan is derived extract fucoidan from the Mozuku brown algae in Japan, which has remarkable effects in the prevention and support of cancer treatment.

Nano Fucoidan Extract Granule is formulated in the form of nano easily absorbed with short duration, high efficiency, and thus bring the highest cancer treatment support effect. Especially for late stage cancer patients.

Nano Fucoidan Extract Granule is based on the technology of Nano granules, enhances the bioavailability of products compared to existing Fucoidan products, makes the patients easier to drink, more absorbable and improves their efficiency, even with small amounts of fucoidan.


Prevents cellular structure changes, preventing the formation of cancer cells.

Activation of self-mortality in cancer cells, inhibit the multiplication of cancer cells do not grow, spread.

Suppresses the formation of new blood vessels, blocks the source of tumor growth, destroys cancer cells, isolates and destroys them, and prevents cancer cells from multiplying.

Enhance immune function, resistance to the body, fight disease, fight depletion for patients.

Support to prevent and support the treatment of cardiovascular disease such as atherosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, hypertension ...

Protects the lining of the stomach, supports the treatment of gastric ulcer.

Mechanism of action Nano Fucoidan Extract Granule in prevent and support of cancer treatment:

The effect of killing cancer cells:

Fucoidan stimulates self-destructing cancer cells according to the natural death cycle of the cell (Apoptosis). Fucoidan activates the P53 tumor suppressor gene, which causes cancer cells to self-destruct under the Apoptosis cycle. The cancer cells will be isolated, shrunk and decomposed without affecting the normal cells around. This helps to reduce side effects compared to current chemotherapy.

Anti-recurrent metastatic cancer:

Fucoidan works by blocking the formation of new blood vessels of cancer cells. Cancer cells are capable of invading neighboring cells, by secreting a metalloproteinase enzyme, which destroys neighboring cells and forms a new, individual tumor to feed the tumor. Fucoidan suppresses the formation of this new blood vessel, which means that it loses its tumor nutrients and that cancer cells will be destroyed due to lack of energy supply and therefore can not be metastasized to other locations. Another hypothesis is that fucoidan inhibits the binding of tumor cells to platelets, which initiate tumor metastasis. These mechanisms have shown that Fucoidan is effective against cancer metastasis.

Enhancing the immune system:

Cancer cells invade and destroy the white blood cells that weaken the immune system, the body loses its resistance, its susceptible to infection, and itsnot ability resistance to cancer. As it is extracted from algae in the ocean, fucoidan contains a lot of minerals, proteins, carbohydrates ... help the body to strengthen the immune system, improve resistance, restore leukocyte function, support the process Macrophages, which help to prevent and repel the cancer effectively.

Effect of fucoidan in reducing cholesterol:

As a dietary fiber, fucoidan absorbs the cholesterol contained in the food and releases it to the body, thereby preventing the increase in cholesterol levels in the body.

Studies and clinical trials have shown that fucoidan has the potential to reduce blood cholesterol, reduce LDL-cholesterol, and increase HDL-cholesterol.

Why Fucoidan Nano works well for cancer patients?

- Easy to absorb, effective fast

The body of patients in general and cancer patients in particular are very weak, especially patients who have been in severe stage of nutrient absorption is relatively difficult. Nano Fucoidan is made in the form of powder so easy to drink, easy to absorb in a short time, bring high efficiency.

- Nano Fucoidan is extracted from the best raw materials

Fucoidan is extracted from Mozuku's algae, the algae that contains the highest levels of fucoidan. This algae is cultivated in Okinawa, Japan - waters far from the continent and is known to be clean waters that have never been contaminated or affected by the environment of human habitation.

- Mozuku brown algae are nourished and grow strongly under the wave of cool clean and sun-rich. Therefore, Fucoidan Nano extracted from Mozuku brown algae reaches 100% purity and purity.

Note: The product is not a drug

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