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Producer: BERM JAPAN

Dosage forms: Powder

Packing: 50 Pack


EF 2001 - BeRM KAIN Soft contains 1.0 trillion bacteria / pack. Enterococcus faecalis EF2001, which contains a large number of "biological enhancer," stimulates the body's natural immune response, enhances the activity of macrophages, white blood cells in the body; At the same time, help activate the specific immune response, increase the number of antibodies, eliminate the strange agent penetrating the body, help the body healthy. BeRM KAIN Soft helps improve the immunity, the body's resistance, especially effective in helping prevent disease, support treatment as well as improve the condition of cancer patients.

Mechanism of action:

Enterococcus faecalis EF2001 is a new generation of lactic acid bacteria, produced after lactic acid bacteria

EF 2001 contains a large number of "biological response modifiers (BRMs), which stimulate the body's natural immune response, enhance macrophage activity, Leukemia in the body, increase the number of antibodies to eliminate the strange agent to penetrate the body, help the body healthy. The lactic acid-induced lactic acid-heat-treatment process of EF 2001 results in much higher levels of lactic acid effects due to the following benefits:

It is possible to produce a greater amount of lactic acid bacteria with smaller doses (more than 7.5 trillion bacteria produced per gram)

Bacteria that are produced are not living bacteria, so they are stable at high temperatures.

No new lactic acid, so the quality, activity of bacteria are stable.

Non-acidic, therefore does not affect the taste when drinking.

Uses for:

Strengthen the immune system, increase the ability of the immune system to help keep the body healthy against the disease.

Prophylaxis and supportive treatment for cancer, especially those undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy, as well as diseases that impair the body's immune system.

EF-2001 has a positive effect on the recovery of the gut flora. Support for treatment of intestinal diseases.

User manual:

People want to prevent disease, enhance immunity: 01-02 package / day.

People are treating cancer: 03 packs per day, 1 package / time.

Drink with warm water. Drink before or after meals or before going to bed (with 3 doses per day).


The product is not a drug, no alternative medicine.

Product performance depends on the user.

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