Bột Tảo Dinh Dưỡng Cao Cấp Spirulina System Complete Nutrion - SCN_1 (Hộp 220g)

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Manufactured by: CSC Co.LTD

Dosage form: Powder

Packing: Box of 20 packs x 11g


Spirulina System is a combination of pure spirulina powder and milk protein, lecithin from soy, skim milk powder. Therefore, Spirulina System contains extremely high levels of plant protein and 20 amino acids for health. Helps to gain weight quickly, nourish the body for the new sick.

Mechanism of action:

Vegetable Protein: Containing 70% by weight of Spirulina, the protein is three times faster than the beef. Helps the body get the most protein after every drink.

Phycocyanin: is a substance that is present in spirulina with high content, effective in antioxidant, slow down the aging process, stimulate blood formation, inhibit hepatotoxicity, Translate

Beta carotene is a vitamin A pre-vitamin that plays an important role in the functioning of the eye, in addition to improving the skin, preventing oxidation and preventing precancerous complications.

Vitamin C: Prevent the accumulation of fat in the body, increase the body's resistance

Vitamin B12: To accelerate the metabolism of energy, help the body to easily digest fat in the body.

Fe + Folic acid: Necessary for the formation and regeneration of cells, especially blood cells

Vitamin D, Calcium, Phosphorus, helps to absorb calcium more efficiently, helps to develop height and bone loss in adults.

In addition, nutritious food containing spirulina contains a sufficient amount of other essential nutrients to meet the nutritional needs of every day for all subjects.


Replace meal to control weight. Helps skinny people gain weight, body balance, toned without fat accumulation, water accumulation.

Provides energy, amino acids, fiber and micronutrient diversity, enhance digestive absorption, anti-constipation, help restore health, health.

Helps promote effective metabolism, helping the body make the most of nutrients from food.

User manual:

Use 2-3 times a day, after 2 hours.


The product is not a drug, no alternative medicine.

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