About Our Company

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" - Hippocrates - father of modern medicine

The human body of the 21st century is facing more health challenges than ever before; And as Thomas Edition wrote, "Future doctors will no longer treat patients with drugs, which will cure disease and prevent diseases with nutrition." Capital Seaweed Consumer Vietnam (CSC Vietnam) was founded. From January 2014, the only hope is to research, produce, connect and distribute nutritional products of unique origin, combined with advanced biotechnology from Water is developed to enhance health, balance the body's natural mechanisms, boost the immune system and, most importantly, help treat patients with the disease of the century: Cancer, diabetes mellitus, liver disease and arthritis, with the motto "Quality is at the forefront" we have built and maintained a h quality management system self-contained, comprehensive and coherent from farming, processing and packaging closed standards of food hygiene and safety standards strictest international quality management HACCP.

CSC Vietnam is the only company in Vietnam to cooperate with Takahashi Kouken Japan to build a hi-tech hi-tech plant and animal monopoly center - and exclusively supply supplying monoculture products only in AEC and Vietnam.

CSC Vietnam also cooperates with Kanehide to develop research and cultivate and produce products from seaweed and seaweed as well as the exclusive distributor of health protection products such as Fuicodan, Curcumin, Agaricus, Mushrooms, Lactic Acid ... with the formula EF2001 7.5trillion cfu LAB / g for subjects on cancer, diabetes, liver and joints of large corporations from Japan and Korea, France such as Kanehide Japan, Nihon Berumu, Biosense group, Han-Biotech, Glucan Corp, Dr. Smiles Japan, Kokubo, Spilab, Yumenmi, Takahashi Kouken, etc.

We are committed to providing the best nutritional and functional food products to consumers through a streamlined production, import, distribution and communication process that helps consumers understand the source of their food. The mechanism of action and usage is clear for each species to apply best for themselves.

More importantly, we are accompanied, supported, consulted and joined the enthusiastic cooperation of the team of prestigious scientists from Vietnam and Japan including: Institute of Nutrition Vietnam, Institute Vietnam Science University, Tokyo University of Japan and leading PhDs from partner companies in Japan and Korea. This gives us the confidence to bring state-of-the-art technology and innovative products to consumers in the region.

With the enthusiastic support of consumers during the first three years of operation, we believe there will be enough motivation and potential to continue contributing to the improvement of public health and quality of life. in for future consumers.

April 2017

Chairman of Capital Seaweed Consumer Vietnam.

Minh Tuan

Company Culture


Capital Seaweed Consumer Vietnam JSC will become a pioneer in the research and application of health care products of natural origin, safe for users. This is a sustainable and long-term development, bringing both economic value and humanity to each product.


Non-stop research and improvement of quality, meeting the expectations of consumers on the quality criteria, hygiene and nutrition.

Development capacity

With a team of experienced research, understand the nature of raw materials and processing. Have researched, created and produced useful products, suitable for many objects. In line with the rational and effective development policies. Will bring many expected results.