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Capital Seaweed Consumer Vietnam has been, and will continue to be, a pioneer in the research and application of health and beauty products with safe natural sources and the latest technology. gender for Vietnamese. This is the human value in each product and it is a long-term sustainable development.

18-06-2021    WHAT IS FUCOIDAN? (Part 3)
09-06-2021    WHAT IS FUCOIDAN? (Part 2)
20-05-2021    WHAT IS FUCOIDAN? (Part 1)
23-04-2021    Tokyo Journal; When Doctor Won't Tell Cancer Patient the Truth TOKYO, Feb. 24
24-03-2021     The use of saponin in ginseng on the skin when used as a cosmetic ingredient
18-03-2021    Future cosmetic raw materials - Prosam
08-03-2021    Drink water properly every day with Hydrogen NanoBubble
24-02-2021    3 differences between fresh ginseng and Korean ginseng root
08-02-2021    Prosam - a new horizon of fresh ginseng for the Vietnamese
08-02-2021    Why is the Aronia more valuable than all other pods on the market
08-02-2021     Instead of looking for ginseng root, why not fresh ginseng?
11-12-2020    Great benefits of Aronia fruit for health and beauty
18-11-2020    Why Hydrogen is becoming more and more important for human health
09-11-2020    Korean red ginseng 6 years old is really good
29-10-2020    What effect does Korean Red Ginseng really have?
29-10-2020    The special thing that only CS Group can do for your distribution system
29-10-2020     4 product criteria that CS Group invites you to cooperate
25-09-2020     3 reasons why is cooperating with CS Group but not elsewhere?
07-09-2020    CS Group - Technology consulting, consulting on importing and manufacturing high quality products
14-08-2020     The interesting thing from nature that we need to remember in daily nutrition
14-08-2020     Simple exercises at home
31-07-2020     HydroBubble Water - Facing century diseases
31-07-2020     Quickly dissolve with the fresh fruit
31-07-2020    Wine award by tea Fullygo alcohol solution of CS Vietnam is safe and effective quickly
27-07-2020     Overview of Fucoidan - Product imported by CS Vietnam - March 30, 2018
27-07-2020    The 24th International Medical and Pharmacy Exhibition in Hanoi on December 7, 2017
27-07-2020    Symposium: "Nutrition solutions for cancer patients" on November 19, 2017
27-07-2020     Launching Ceremony of Genuine Fucoidan Nano on November 19, 2017 - CS Vietnam
27-07-2020     From October 1, 2017, Kanehide Preventive and Cancer Treatment products have been available at Hachi Hachi System.
27-07-2020     The 17th Vietnam SECC International Medical and Pharmacy Exhibition (August 19, 2017)
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